Package cord & crochet | TWO: STE

Basket with memories

Woodland Nursery, Camping room decor by ClaraLoo on Etsy

Tuovis pattern socks

Sew picture result for needle garage

10 sewing gift ideas

Instructions for knitting runners made of virgin wool; Tschibo thick needles and thick wool on offer (11/2016).

Instructions mesh pockets – Bellcosa

DIY | Knit herringbone pattern and why you can never have enough potholders! – mxliving

By Your Hands: Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Purrrfect Cashmere Cats

This ribbon yarn is not made from leftovers and is made from 100% cotton. Creme de la Creme so to speak and available in 30 wonderful colors! This yarn can be used for a variety of exciting projects, such as home textiles, home accessories, bags, carpets, pillowcases, cups and much more.


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