Tutti frutti / DROPS Children 23-56 – Free crochet patterns by DROPS Design

Tutti frutti – Crochet DROPS basket with fruits and vegetables in ”Paris”. – Free oppskrift by DROPS Design

Clip bag DIY

Crochet pattern for a shopping network ♥ Sweet apples – creative family blog ♥

Material: jute yarn (approx. 1.5mm) crochet hook No. 4 glue Abbreviations: ch-chain stitch fm- single crochet half-crochet double crochet-double crochet stitch- chain stitch variant 1 1st round 3lm, 9 crochet in the thread ring

String pocket with rectangular bottom. – Work every day., #Work #binding thread pocket #floor #with #rectangular

made by HennaLine: Tavaszváró táska / bag for spring

It belongs to summer like bikini and straw hat: the light poncho made from Lana Grossa organic cotton "Organico" is knitted across in one piece on a circular needle. Is it easy with our free knitting instructions? #Free knitting instructions #knitting instructions

Rainbow is made of 100% soft, natural cotton and is available in a classic 8/4 quality. Now discover the many charming colors in all shades of the rainbow.

free knitting instructions: knit fluffy blanket yourself – free knitting pattern

Crochet Tunisian is a good alternative for normal crochet for beginners. The Tunisian pattern looks very noble, especially with different colored yarns.


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